Wastewater treatment

The treatment of waste water is the oldest division of the company. Since 1959 integrated sewage treatment plants with the designed capacity of 500 to 1.2 m PE have been planned and tendered with monitoring of the construction until after commissioning. In addition, there are numerous special services which ensure correct operation:


  • Performance, process and condition assessments of building structures and sub-processes (such as P and N elimination)
  • Cost-benefit studies prior to investment decisions
  • On-site plant support and support in the case of malfunctions
  • Design and support for semi-industrial test facilities
  • Support for the adjustment of bye-laws, allocation of overheads and heavy pollution surcharges
  • Consultation on waste water charges and offsetting possibilities
  • Set-up of indirect discharge register and consultation for critical discharges
  • Elaboration of application documents for issuance of new permit required under water law, for preliminary environmental compatibility study, and for approval according to the German Federal Pollution Control Act
  • Tendering for sewage-sludge disposal (in accordance with public procurement legislation)
  • Preparation and support for dynamic simulations of sub-processes in the waste water treatment
  • Preparation and support for numerical malfunction simulations to improve performance of aeration tanks, settling basins, primary clarifiers and digester tanks
  • Services for operational support.