Stormwater treatment

The stormwater treatment in mixed and separated systems is important to ensure comprehensive water protection. In addition to planning and construction monitoring services for the erection of construction works (rain overflow, storm water overflow basins, rain clarifiers, storm water retention basins, retention basins with soil filter and percolation plants), Weber Engineers provide further, extensive services:


  • Performance assessment and evaluation of existing technical plant
  • Pollutant load calculation with the program packages KOSIM and MOMENT
  • Rainwater planning and individual solutions for special cases
  • Rainwater and floodwater pumping station
  • Planning of special procedures for storm water tanks (plate clarifiers)
  • Planning and technical supervision of new or retrofitted measuring and telecontrol devices
  • Solutions for hydraulic problems and insufficient retention of solids from waste water
  • Environmental planning (preliminary environmental impact analysis and location assessment).