Sludge treatment

The treatment of sludge in waste water treatment systems has the task of economically minimising the resulting waste subject to a disposal process. There is a range of processes available to realise this which have to be applied appropriately according to the local conditions. Weber Engineers provide all necessary services for this from the planning up to the construction site management:


  • Performance assessment and evaluation of construction works and processes
  • Planning for the treatment of sludge with cost-utility analysis and economic studies
  • Planning and support for semi-industrial test facilities for decomposition or disintegration of sludge
  • On-site plant support and support in the case of malfunctions
  • Digestion plant with gas storage and recycling of digester gas
  • Analysis and realisation of biological co-fermentation
  • Solar-powered und thermal sludge drying plants
  • Tendering for sewage-sludge disposal (in accordance with public procurement legislation).