Above-ground landfill sites for municipal authorities or in the commercial sector are technical plants which are visible components of our landscape. Our services in this field of operations include the operation, close-down, follow-up maintenance and the post-use of all types of landfill. In particular, this includes:


  • Planning of landfill extensions and new landfills
  • Planning of surface sealing
  • Support with close-down procedures
  • End modelling and re-cultivation
  • Landfill gas treatment and disposal
  • Leachate treatment and disposal
  • Maintenance cost estimation.



The experience of Weber Engineers also includes the additional sector of solid waste management questions such as:


  • Solid waste management planning
  • Location search for new plants
  • Transfer stations and intermediate storage
  • Planning for recycling yards
  • Facilities for the fermentation of waste
  • Environmental planning (preliminary environmental impact analysis and location assessment)
  • Documentation (operating manuals, European pollutant release and transfer register reports, annual reports and operating instructions).