Electrical engineering and energy technology

In contrast to many other engineering offices, Weber Engineers have their own electrical engineering department for the planning and management on-site of infrastructure projects. Here, in close co-operation with the process engineering department, electrical and automated solutions are realised for new building works and existing facilities which are to be modernised. Important services in addition to the planning, tendering and technical on-site supervision of electrical installations are as follows:


  • Energy analysis of waste water treatment plants
  • Heat recovery and hydropower from waste water
  • Performance assessment and evaluation of electrical installations
  • Development of automated solutions
  • Integration and replacement of cogeneration plants
  • Concepts for emergency power stations
  • Modernisation of the power supply and switching stations
  • Structure and economy through the set-up of telecontrol systems
  • Migration of automation and process control systems
  • Planning and integration of control systems
  • Lightning protection, lighting systems, communication and safety technology.