Concrete support

Appropriate structural repair works is absolutely essential to extend the life of the civil engineering works and often requires intensive co-ordination with aspects of the structural design and – in particular with construction works for waste water and sludge treatment –  the underlying technical conditions. The focus of restoration work is currently on waste water treatment plants, digester tanks (with in-house developed abseiling techniques to retrieve samples without the need for scaffolding), underground car parks and other civil engineering works for the municipal infrastructure such as military property. Weber Engineers have the specialised technical personnel to provide clients with services necessary for the restoration of buildings and civil engineering works from a single supplier:


  • Preparation and support of tests in connection with concrete technology
  • Clarification of cause of damage, forecasts for changes in structural status, restoration variations
  • Preparation of restoration plan, if necessary in co-ordination with  structural design
  • Support for integration of restoration during plant operation
  • Tendering and contract award consulting
  • Construction monitoring
  • Continual quality control of the restoration process with own devices
  • Invoicing, acceptance and documentation.