Waste water collection

An efficient infrastructure is essential for towns and local authorities to remain competitive. Criteria such as excellent transport connections, kindergartens, schools and shopping leisure facilities all have an important role to play. In addition, inner-city development, the infrastructure for the energy and water supply and the water drainage system are all essential. With us you are in good hands. For many years our company has been associated with the complete development of residential and industrial areas up to and above a size of 40 hectares. Numerous references confirm our competence in the construction of waste water systems and roads. Our range of services includes the creation of waste water concepts, general sewerage plans, infiltration water measurements and infiltration water elimination concepts, sewer construction and the planning of drainage systems in rural areas. We use various construction processes in order to correctly lay waste water channels underground with gravity displacement or pressurised pipes. For underground channels with a pipe diameter up to DN 3500, the developed area remains largely unaffected.