In building construction and civil engineering, structural planning and geotechnical investigations are fundamental for a solid construction. Regardless of whether for technical systems for infrastructure, residential blocks, public buildings or industrial constructions, the task remains the same. A geotechnical survey and sound structural planning are essential to minimise the substantial risk of increased costs during execution and subsequent construction defects. Our structural engineers and geologists manage the necessary planning and safety during construction with a comprehensive service package. The package is an intelligent overall solution which integrates the requirements of the building geometry under consideration of the foundation, construction pit, water retention and protection against uplift. Optimised structural support through small cross sections enables cost savings with steel and concrete. Also, with the repair of existing structures, our top priority is to improve the structure of the building. This includes the renovation and reinforcement of structural components and safety measures for external walls. In this way we preserve historical listed buildings for posterity. Our engineering office – to ensure you don't build on sand!