Stormwater treatment

Increased rainfall in recent years has become a serious burden on rivers. On one hand, water running off the roads is frequently associated with a considerable amount of pollutant load and with combined sewers this quickly leads to a hydraulic overload of the waste water treatment plant. On the other hand, in separated systems, heavy rainfall causes large water volumes to reach the rivers via the drainage system. We carry out pollutant load calculations, assess the respective system status and intensively examine the interaction of the sewerage system and the waste water plant. The result is a list of situation-specific measures to limit the outflow and to economically retain contaminants in the storm water run-off. Whether for new constructions, the redevelopment of existing plants, or for the fine tuning of existing facilities, our product range includes rainwater overflow basins, rain clarifiers, retaining basins, retention soil filters and percolation systems. Economic solutions with lamella separators in CSO basins and rain clarifiers together with uncompromising utilisation of rainwater in combination with rainwater management represent interesting alternatives. Also here we provide the concept and the ground planning including telecontrol applications and on-site supervision of the construction activities. Making sure that rain is really just a blessing!