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Site contamination, landfill construction and land recycling

Are there hazardous substances in the structure or in the ground? How high is the pollution level? Are restrictions of use to be feared due to problematic materials or seepage water? What kind of site contamination and waste will have to be disposed of? How high will the costs be for this? Is the groundwater at risk? These are only some of the questions posed by the land recycling of industrial sites, the decommissioning of old buildings or with the after-care of landfills. There we attach great importance to site decontamination, landfill management and groundwater management. During the investigation of prior contamination we assess possible clean up procedures, draw up decommissioning concepts for buildings and civil engineering structures and we plan the after-care of landfill sites. Naturally, we also apply the remediation measures under strict construction site supervision. Specialist employees with appropriate qualifications such as expert for occupational safety and health protection in contaminated areas and according to No. 2.7 of  the TRGS 519 for demolition, renovation or repair work (asbestos), or qualifications for taking samples of the ground, the contamination on site and groundwater, all stand for proven expertise. As an additional service for the due diligence of investors, there is also a strong demand for our property surveys to identify the investment risks associated with brownfield sites. Taking the burden out of your investment!