Highly motivated personnel who identify themselves with our enterprise are the outcome of a company policy based on lean management and team spirit.


Performance-driven and highly experienced engineers, geologists, scientists, business economists, technicians and designers guarantee the development of customised and optimised solutions. Our company policy is characterised by the interaction and exchange of information between young workers and senior personnel with many years of experience, continual further training in combination with the use of modern technology and communication methods.


The participation of personnel in the economic success of our enterprise ensures a high individual identification with the assigned tasks and is thus a driving force in the fulfilment of the demands placed on us.


The active participation of all personnel in the internal continuous improvement process enables us to achieve a high quality level and excellent performance standard.


The participation of experienced engineers in various technical committees involves Weber Engineers in the continuous progress achieved in science and technology. Our customers therefore benefit from the latest technological developments and technical expertise.


We remain up-to-date through the extensive further training of our personnel and regular participation in vocational training seminars.

The wide range of our services and experienced personnel enables us to complete complex and specialised tasks to a defined schedule. A holistic approach in combination with a broad spectrum of specialised know-how from many diverse fields are the condition for the fulfilment of high demands placed on the technical, economic and administrative management necessary for the successful completion of projects in compliance with environmental protection legislation. 


Customers benefit from the high qualifications of our personnel. Additional training is given to staff, such as


• Certified sewer rehabilitation advisor (2)


• Safety and health protection co-ordination in accordance with municipal building 
   by-laws or regulations (15)


• Protection, repair, connecting and strengthening of concrete elements (2)


• Specialised planning engineer for protection and repair of concrete construction units


• Specialised knowledge for safety and health protection during work on contaminated 
   sites (3)


• Specialised knowledge acc. to no. 2.7 of the German TRGS 519 regulation for 
   demolition, restoration or maintenance works (asbestos) (3)


• Qualified sampler for soil, contaminated sites and groundwater, analytical quality
   assurance (AQS), in Baden-Württemberg with training courses I - VI (1)


• Internal specialised personnel for solid waste, water protection and emissions control
   (environmental specialist acc. to chamber of commerce)

• Qualification as person responsible for ensuring safety at the working sites on roads

• Project management specialist (RKW/GPM/IPMA Level D) (1)


• Qualified sampler acc. to LAGA PN 98 (3)