Weber-Ingenieure GmbH has a shareholding in three engineering offices.


The Weber Romania S.R.L engineering office based in Timisoara has provided engineering services for the municipal infrastructure since 2009 with the focus on urban drainage systems, waste water treatment, water supply and roadbuilding. Further information is available at


Weber Romania S.R.L,
Str. Romanitei No. 15, 300523 Timisoara/Romania, Phone +40  256  455090, Fax +40  256  455001




The AGWE Lda. engineering office based in Porto/Portugal has, since 2011, supported the consulting and planning services of Weber Engineers in the field of waste water treatment in Portugal.
Further information is available at


Rua de Santa Catarina, 781, 2º, 4000 - 454 Porto/Portugal, Phone +351 220998237




The SAWE GmbH engineering office based in Pforzheim operates as a general contractor. Business operations are limited to the building of infrastructure networks. In this process the company depends on the services of Weber-Ingenieure GmbH and Weber-Consulting Beratungs GmbH.


Bauschlotter Str. 62, 75177 Pforzheim/Germany, Phone +49 (0) 7231 583-0, Fax +49 (0) 7231 583-400