Company philosophy

Exploit proven methods, explore new ones.......

........ create added value



Since our company was founded in 1959 the complexity of all engineering services has increased considerably. The expectations of our customers have also risen to the same extent. Today, successful project work is only possible provided interdisciplinary fields are recognised and taken into account. The interdisciplinary capabilities of our employees and the communication philosophy of the company are important elements for the economic implementation of new ideas – they form the basis of our innovative capacity.

Your priorities as a public or private contracting party are the same as ours, namely that quality, sustainability, costs and the schedule all have to be right. As an owner-managed medium sized company without supplier interests, management and employees are able to identify with each individual project. Our top priority is customer satisfaction – independent of the size of the project.

Our aim is to manage existing resources responsibly with the future in mind and in our dialogue with you to elaborate concepts which will survive tomorrow and the day after. The basis of our value creation and your satisfaction is our employees. We support our employees in matters regarding their qualification and also in questions relating to the reconciliation of work and private life.



Our corporate principles are characterised by:

  • Quality in processing, planning and execution of our projects
  • Provision of all services for the successful completion of projects from a single supplier and in association with competent partners
  • Independent consultation (no suppliers interests, company 100% owned by working employees)
  • Professionally sound, efficient and friendly, personal dialogue with our customers and partners
  • Making demands and giving support through individual responsibility and commitment in the company
  • Project processing carried out by efficient, self-dependent operative units
  • Transparency, honesty, fairness and straight-forwardness
  • Reliability, care and diligence
  • Through our conduct and daily performance we strive to win and keep the trust and acceptance of our business partners
  • Clear organisation structure, efficient communication and an innovative spirit
  • Each employee in the right position, properly supported and supervised, able to express his own personality through excellent performance
  • Partnership between the company and employees
  • Social responsibility through support of the common good
  • Philosophy of uniform corporate identity
  • Participation in technical bodies and committees